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A scheme for medically retired WA Police Officers

The Western Australian Government set up the medically retired Police Redress scheme, because it believed the treatment of former police officers who were medically retired under Section 8 of the Police Act 1892 for a work-related illness or injury was unpleasant and undignified.

The purpose of the scheme was to acknowledge their separation from the agency under section 8 should have been done better and to show them the dignity and respect they deserve. The scheme was not about compensation for loss of income or their injury. This would hopefully go some way towards making amends for the way this group of officers were treated when they left the service.

Update June 2020

The WA medically retired Police Redress Scheme was officially wound up on 29 May 2020.

The Police Cadet Service supplementary program is ongoing and a small team remains available at info@wamrpoliceredress.wa.gov.au or on 6229 5868 to answer any questions.

Thank you to everyone who has already confirmed their Cadet service status.

We expect to be able to let those eligible applicants who had Cadet service know the result during July.

21 May 2020 Update: Inclusion of Cadet Service for the WA medically retired Police Redress Scheme

Cadet service was not included with Police service when calculating length of service for the WA medically retired Police Redress Scheme. This reflected Health and Welfare medical records which recorded an officer’s start date as the date he or she was inducted into the WA Police Force as a Recruit.

Cadet service was raised as part of the Review process and as a result, the Minister for Police has approved Cadet service being included towards total length of service.

This change applies to eligible applicants to the Scheme. The Redress Team has sent a letter to all eligible applicants to confirm if they were a Cadet and if so, the dates of their cadet service.

Once the Cadet service has been verified, it will be added to an applicant’s years of service to reassess quantum. As years of service was just one of many factors that determined quantum, some applicants will be eligible for an additional payment.

Those applicants who are eligible for an increased amount will receive a supplementary offer and once accepted, a supplementary payment.

There will be further details provided in the letter to eligible applicants.

If your contact details have changed since you accepted your offer, please let the Redress Team know by emailing info@wamrpoliceredress.wa.gov.au or by calling 6229 5868.


Eligibility summary

Applicants must meet all the five eligibility criteria:

A sworn WA Police or APL Officer
Medically retired
Work-related illness or injury contributed to retirement
No serious conviction
Must still be living

Applications have closed

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12pm WST

More Information

Minister’s message

Serving our community as a member of the Western Australia Police Force is an honourable, challenging and sometimes dangerous vocation.

See full message

It is much more than just a job, and it commands the greatest respect from Western Australians.

When the McGowan Government was elected in 2017, we committed to reform the past arrangements for police officers who had to retire from the WA Police Force through a Section 8 notice. It has been a priority of mine to reform the current medical retirement process, to ensure fairness and dignity to those affected police officers. These officers deserve respect and recognition.

In acknowledging this, our Government established the Police Redress scheme, which is the first of its kind in Australia. This scheme recognises those officers who, in the past, became ill or were injured in the line of duty, and as a result, were medically retired.

The Police Redress scheme and website have been designed to be as straightforward as possible, recognising that each application will be assessed in a sensitive manner.

When Parliament resumes next year, I will be introducing legislation to separate those who are medically boarded out from those who leave through the loss of confidence provisions of Section 8. This will ensure that those who are medically retired in the future can do so with dignity and respect.

I am delighted to have been able to fulfil the McGowan Government’s commitment to our police officers, and to enact legislative reform so that officers will not be medically retired through a Section 8 notice, but will be retired with dignity and respect.

I encourage all those affected police officers who are eligible, to make an application under the Police Redress scheme.

Hon. Michelle Roberts MLA
Minister for Police