Application details

Am i eligible to apply?

There are five criteria that you must meet to be considered for the WA medically retired Police Redress scheme:

Must have been a sworn WA Police Officer or Aboriginal Police Liaison Officer
Must have been removed from office for medical reasons under Section 8 (with reference to Section 33 L) or Section 38B (4) for Aboriginal Police Liaison Officers of the Police Act 1892, or Section 505 A of the Police Force Regulations 1979 for probationary constables before 9 April 2019 (note: this does not apply for officers removed for loss of confidence).
Must have suffered a work-related illness or injury that caused or was a significant factor in a subsequent Section 8 medical retirement
Must not have been convicted of a serious offence punishable by five years or more incarceration
You may not apply on behalf of someone who has died.

Other circumstances

If you feel, despite not meeting all criteria, that you should be considered, please apply explaining your reasons.

It is also wise to have any documents you might wish to include in your application scanned (PDF) and ready to upload before you begin your application. These might include correspondence between WAPOL and you or medical reports.

Please understand that these criteria are only to determine your eligibility for this scheme. They will not be used to assess the level of any offer that may be made.

If you are not eligible, we will let you know within a month of your application. Those who are eligible will receive a letter in the second half of 2019.

Application process